Frozen Evolution book

Most biologists and biology students think that evolutionary biology is basically a closed chapter of science. But what if this is not the way things are? What if evolutionary biology underwent a quite fundamental revolution in the 70's and 80's of the past century, following which all the textbooks in this field should basically be rewritten?  >> Read more

Frozen plasticity theory

This theory suggests a mechanism of the origin of adaptive traits in sexual organisms. The classical Darwinian mechanism of the origin of adaptive traits by natural selection can explain the evolution of such traits only under a very special situation, e.g., in a genetically homogeneous population of asexual organisms. The frozen plasticity theory is much more general: It can also explain the origin and evolution of adaptive traits in a genetically heterogeneous population of sexual organisms. >> Read more

Watch out for Toxo! The Secret Guide to Practical Science.

XIX. Why infected women have longer pregnancies – the effect of toxoplasmosis on fetal development

I’m repeating myself already, but I must start by saying that chance often played a large role in our studies. On one such occasion, chance was responsible for our discovering that latent toxoplasmosis affects the course of pregnancy. As I already mentioned, one of our subjects groups on which we were studying the effect of toxoplasmosis on the human psyche, included data regarding pregnant women who were screened for toxoplasmosis around their 16th week of pregnancy. >> Read more

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