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Most biologists and biology students think that evolutionary biology is basically a closed chapter of science. But what if this is not the way things are? What if evolutionary biology underwent a quite fundamental revolution in the 70's and 80's of the past century, following which all the textbooks in this field should basically be rewritten? 

And what is worse! What if the new model of evolution based on the Dawkinistic-Hamiltonian theory of the selfish gene, based on the competition of various variants of a single gene for transfer of the greatest number of their own copies to the next generation, is just as erroneous as Darwin's original model and we can soon expect another revolution? And couldn't the present model be replaced, e.g., by the theory called "frozen evolution", a theory that assumes that the vast majority of species encountered in nature are not capable of developing evolutionarily even when exposed to extremely strong selection pressures and thus only passively wait until changes in their environment accumulate to such a degree that they have no choice but to quietly die out? Why is this true and where do the new species come from? How it is possible that species are usefully adapted to their environment and how can evolution occur at all in such an evolutionarily frozen world? This book offers an answer to these questions and, at the same time, also an frank and somewhat unusual insight behind the scenes of contemporary science.

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