Supernatural forces and science

Science cannot decide on whether supernatural forces exist or not. If there were a God who did not have to obey the natural laws of our world, then he could arrange for the experiments of scientists to have any results whatsoever and they could thus never either discover or exclude his existence. The explanation of a certain natural phenomenon based on the assumption of the action of supernatural forces is thus not scientific and is bad because it is necessarily erroneous or because science does not recognize the existence of God. Science cannot decide whether this is erroneous or not. It is unscientific because no consequences follow from it that scientists could test and thus potentially falsify. It is simply not possible to test the lack of correctness of a supernatural explanation and thus, in science, we must always attempt to explain the observed phenomenon by natural means – by processes not including the action of supernatural forces. It is quite possible that we will never be able to explain some phenomena by natural means; but this does not change matters. If evolution or God gave us reasoning, we must try as honestly as possible to use it to understand our world.

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